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When you break free from yo-yo dieting and body shame, you’re truly FREE to fall in love with your life!

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Imagine This...

  • Looking in the mirror and seeing YOU before you see your body - embracing your essence and feeling so good exactly as you are 

  • Enjoying the pleasure and social experience of going out to eat with friends - without stressing about the menu or feeling like you need to compensate before your after

  • Living and enjoying your life without picking apart your body

  • Moving because you want to and love to, not to punish yourself or make up for something you ate 

  • Freeing up so much headspace because you’re no longer thinking about food nonstop...and having energy to pour into every other aspect of your amazing life

  • Knowing your body so well that you intuitively recognize your hunger and fullness cues (goodbye binge eating)

  • Grocery shopping and cooking with ease because these are soothing forms of self-care and not a complicated drag

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1:1 Coaching is for those who desire to break free from:

Binge Eating

All or nothing thinking about food, your body, and wellness

Diet culture that’s masquerading as healthy living (I see you, Whole30 and Keto)

Rigid tracking of calories, points, and food rules overall

Body Dysmorphia or body image anxiety

Physical discomforts like GI issues, food intolerances/allergies, and low energy

Coping tools that you know are not really helping you

Limiting beliefs about yourself, your health, and what it means to live a "successful" life

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If you are struggling with food...

Let's pause for a sec to remind you that none of this is your fault.


Diets are a billion dollar industry. And there is a near-constant fixation on weight and shape that we've been bombarded with for decades.

Forgive yourself for falling into an unavoidable trap. Forgive yourself for giving into all the messages that told that you're incomplete without the latest diet or a certain body size. Forgive yourself for what you got caught up in when you were just trying to feel whole.

And then hear me when I say: body dysmorphia, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, and food rules do not need to run your life for one more day.


We're here to help you feed yourself well, unsubscribe from all diet bs, AND be really freaking excited about it.

Welcome to 1:1 Coaching

In Full Soul Nutrition 1:1 coaching, we take a uniquely holistic approach, working with you as a whole person.


Our work together goes far beyond food.

Because how you nourish yourself goes far beyond food


We focus on nutrition AND body image

Nutrition AND nervous system regulation

Nutrition AND movement that feels good

Nutrition AND deep healing

Nutrition AND creating structure in your day 

Nutrition AND getting to know yourself

Nutrition AND getting to LIKE yourself

Your Customized Plan

This is not a service where we provide one-size-fits-all meal plans and basic nutrition education. We will use nutrition science and holistic coaching to create a structure that supports what is most important to YOU.


We prioritize helping you ditch the "dieting mentality" without ditching intentionality. We provide structured nutrition without restriction and wellness plans that foster a sense of empowerment and consistency without rigidity. 

Your nutrition plan will be completely personalized. And we will support you in actually implementing that plan through an extensive toolkit of modalities (like body image healing, breathwork, movement, etc).


This is a unique, 360-degree experience for the unique, 360-degree human that you are.

We can’t wait to create a fully customized experience that allows you to step into freedom with food and every aspect of your life.

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  What's Included:  

Kick Off

Deep dive kickoff session where we get to know you, begin to craft your personalized plan for our work together, and identify which holistic modalities and practices will be included in your unique sessions

3 Months of
1-1 Sessions

3 months of 1-1 sessions featuring a unique combination nutrition counseling, meal planning, mindfulness-based stress reduction, body image exploration, holistic healing modalities, and/or real-time meal support (which are included will depend on your needs and goals)

Detailed written follow-up sent to you immediately after each session

Collaboration with your doctor, therapist, and other relevant contacts between sessions

Beyond Your

Direct messaging support to use if you benefit from greater accountability and connection in between sessions

Option to come to monthly group meetings with other Full Soul Nutrition clients

Custom resources/videos/meditations created for you depending on your needs

**Option to continue working together beyond 3 months in a way that works for you

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What they say...

I used to live in so much fear. I was afraid of bread. I was afraid to miss a workout. I was afraid people wouldn't like me. I was afraid of my boss. Now I live in so much freedom. Eating feels easy and energizing. Carbs are fuel. Exercise ebbs and flows. I'm not afraid for some people to not be "my people." AND I left a toxic corporate job to work for a small business. My work with Caitie was about food and it also went SO far beyond food. I am forever grateful.


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Caitie Corradino


Hi, I’m Caitie, the creator of Full Soul Nutrition! I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, eating disorder recovery coach, certified personal trainer, registered yoga instructor, body image expert, somatic breathwork facilitator, and podcast host!

I have created 1-1 counseling and group coaching services that help you feed yourself, feel yourself, and live FULLY!

For the first few years of my career, I was a full-time fitness instructor, then I transitioned to being a full-time dietitian. But now I’m a mix of both and other things! That’s because, when I started nutrition counseling, I quickly realized that this work is not ONLY about meal planning and nutrition education. It’s about helping people break free from body shame, dieting, restriction, binge eating, and anxiety. Which doesn’t only require learning – it requires healing.

I am here to help you heal. I provide coaching that helps you understand nutrition science, eat well, feel good through food, and restore your metabolism...while also guiding you through through somatic practices like stretching, meditation, and breathwork to relieve stress, feel unshakably worthy, define health on your terms, and live life fully!

I feel immensely privileged & thankful to do the work I do.

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What's the investment?

Investment in 1-1 coaching is $999/month (for 3 months).

After 3 months, we discuss what continuing to work together will look like based on where you are!

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What if I'm not ready for 3 months?

Caitie offers a one-time 90 minute intensive session. This session includes a 90 minute deep dive on a chosen area of focus. You can chose from our "menu" of focus areas (like nutrition 101, basic digestive health, body image skills, exploring your relationship with exercise, or doing an embodiment/breathwork practice). We provide a detailed written follow-up for you with takeaways from our time together, which will serve as your handy, personalized roadmap post-session.

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