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Holistic Nutrition

Who is this for?

✓ If you are feeling drained, desiring more energy, and want to take care of your body through intentional yet intuitive nutrition

✓ If you are looking for expert support in fueling an active lifestyle, alleviating digestive issues, managing a food allergy/intolerance, or other clinical nutrition challenges

✓ If you find yourself taking an all-or-nothing approach to food (or "yo yo dieting") and are seeking a sense of grounded balance


✓ If you are seeking an approach that is truly holistic (that is: one place to evaluate your nutrition status, transform your relationship with food, discuss exercise, and integrate other forms of daily self-care)​​

Personalized nutrition counseling to help you nourish yourself, make lasting peace with your body, and show up fully for your life

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Who is this for?

Eating Disorder
Recovery Counseling 


✓ If you are in need of a supportive and personalized space to heal your relationship with food and your body

✓ If you are unsure how to make food choices that honor your recovering body's needs

✓ If you are seeking compassionate support before, during, and after mealtimes

✓ If you are hoping to integrate movement or exercise in a safe, mindful, and trauma-informed way

✓ If you are NOT engaging in extreme behaviors that compromise your medical stability

✓ If you can be cleared by a medical doctor to receive outpatient nutrition counseling and recovery coaching

1:1 counseling to support nourishing, sustainable, and holistic eating disorder recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery Counseling

Who is this for?

Confidence & Embodiment Coaching 


✓ If you're feeling overly aware of and concerned about your physical appearance, to the point that you're losing touch with your internal experience and sense of self


✓ If seeing photos of yourself, shopping for clothing, or looking in mirrors feels like a distressing experience 

✓ If you're lacking self-trust and feeling unclear about who you are and what you want

✓ If you feel ready to explore practices that help you experience body peace and confidence without going on a restrictive diet or rigid exercise regime

Experiential and skills-based coaching
sessions to help you step out of shame and fear into embodiment and confidence

Confidence & Embodiment
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