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Make Meals Easy
Monthly Nutrition Group

This month's group is Wednesday, June 19th at 5pm EST. This group is designed to inject you with mealtime INSPO. Is cooking for yourself feeling like a DRAG, a HASSLE, or just plain BORING? I will guide you through bringing some fun, creative energy into meal planning and deciding on a gentle structure for the next few weeks!


Click below to book for this month or scroll down for more on what to expect.

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What to expect:

I will guide you through playful yet practical meal planning

We will review some nutrition principles that will support you in making sure you meals of satisfying, balanced, and nourishing for your beautiful bod

As a group, we'll bounce off of each other's meal ideas and recommendations

Sometimes I'll bring in some special guest chefs for extra culinary expertise

Bring a journal, an open mind, and perhaps your schedule to make sure your meal plan fits

Let's make meals easy! We meet once per month via zoom, and I can't wait to welcome you in!

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