Our Values
(as healthcare providers, counselors, coaches, + humans)

We take a behavioral approach to nutrition counseling and wellness coaching. We want to help you implement health-promoting behaviors so that you can feel a positive difference in your energy levels, mood, and more. True wellness is not about looking smaller or "more toned" – true wellness is feeling more ALIVE.


We also believe in a holistic approach. When we are making recommendations, we consider traditional health science as well as your values, your innate wisdom, your unique experiences, and a spectrum of holistic modalities.


We also value collaboration with other healthcare providers. We might request to collaborate with your doctor, your therapist, or another provider, especially if you are in recovery from an eating disorder.

Your individual identity (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation, and religion) is important to us. We will hold space for all of you when we are working together.


Health behaviors and body image do not develop in a vacuum. Because of this, we are dedicated to staying aware of the ways in which identity and systemic matters influence nutrition and health. Further, we believe it it is critical to explore the roots of your health behaviors and health-related values in order to make sustainable change.

We will not use weight loss as a marker of progress in our work. Instead, we will use things like energy levels, quality of life, mental/emotional state, blood pressure, lab values, digestion, rate of perceived exertion (...and many other factors besides body weight, shape, or size).


**If you are in recovery from an eating disorder or recovering from another medical condition, weight trends may be tracked, but only as a marker of medical safety.


We believe that a judgement-free environment is key for healing and discovering a sense of authentic health. We will never judge or pathologize your size, your eating habits, or your exercise behaviors.


We are here to help you find what helps YOU feel more alive. We are here to help you define what health and wellness mean to YOU, so that you can create an individualized and sustainable self-care toolbox. We believe that you already have all of the "answers" within you; we are here to help you recognize and utilize them.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.