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Caitie Corradino sitting and meditating

Somatic Release Breathwork Session

Give yourself space to feel what you need to feel, quiet your mind, and access a profound sense of stress relief.

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  What's Included:  

Intro + Check-In

A few minutes to discuss how you're feeling, what questions you have, a quick intro to somatic breathwork (it's truly a very simple practice - don't be intimidated by the "work" in breathwork), and a few minutes to set an intention for the practice.


20-30 minutes of breathwork, tailored to you, your intentions, and your requests. This guided breathing and meditation will help you find a sense of deep stress relief in your body.


A few minutes of "wrap up." I will lead you through some tools and/or journaling prompts to transition out of the session and, if you'd like, we may discuss insights that came through during the session.

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What you need:

A quiet space to lie down and feel cozy during the session

Good internet connection

Headphones or AirPods so you can feel fully immersed in the session

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