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75 Minute Intensive Session

This one-time session will help you kickstart a better relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

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  What's Included:  

Deep Dive

We'll go deep on your chosen area of focus (choose from nutrition, body image, or self-confidence). You will fill out an intake form before the session so we can get right into it.

Optional Practice

You have the option to include a 30 minute embodiment practice in your session (choose from breathwork, yoga, or moving meditation)

Written Follow-Up

I provide a detailed written follow-up for you with takeaways that will that will serve as your handy, personalized road map post-session.

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  Focus Areas  

Choose from "Feed Yourself," "Feel Yourself," or "Be Yourself" and then tell me more about what you want to work on in that area!

Feed Yourself

Structured nutrition without restriction by learning nutrition 101, meal planning, creating a grocery list, and improving digestion.

Feel Yourself

Help you break free from body dysmorphia, body image anxiety, and/or the ceaseless pursuit of weightloss. 

Be Yourself

Explore what it means to live a life authentic to you by identifying your personal values, new year/mid year resolutions, and resilience.

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