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Caitie Corradino holding a mug, journal, and rose quartz crystal

Ditch restriction, obsession, & rigid "wellness" for energizing & nourishing routines that support a life you love!

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This collection of value-packed modules, journal prompts, and actionable "experiments" will help you:​

Cut through all the nutrition "noise" and learn specific, science-supported ways to take care of your body...WITHOUT restriction or sacrifice!

Build sustainable, energizing rituals and routines that you won't have to force yourself to stick to!

​Experience holistic wellbeing AND long-lasting peace with your body

​Harness the energy to live a FULL life and pursue the things that set your soul on fire!

Caitie Corradino covered in a cozy blanket while journaling and eating popcorn
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  What's Included:  


Brief yet potent mini-workshops, packed with actionable and evidence-based teachings about nutrition, movement, routines, body image, and more.

Journal Prompts
& "Experiments"

Journal prompts and actionable tools to help you integrate the lessons into your unique and beautiful life.Journal prompts and actionable tools to help you integrate the lessons into your unique and beautiful life.

Sessions with Guest Coaches

Recorded sessions with interdisciplinary guest coaches, including fitness instructors, therapists, psychologists, dating/relationship coaches, and more!

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The Whole, Full, & Alive Toolkit is for you if:​

You want to feel energized and nourished, but you don't want the pursuit of "healthy habits" to lead to an all-or-nothing "diet" or disordered eating

You're interested in "morning routines" and grounding self-care rituals, but you don't want to get too rigid or feel restricted

​You keep finding yourself outsourcing your wellness to the internet, taking a million different workshops, or consulting Instagram influencers every time you want to make a change to your nutrition or self-care​​

​You want to learn to trust your body and feel confident about what, when, and how much to eat without guilt

​You want to engage in exercise or movement with a balanced sense of ease, joy, and intention

​You are ready to pursue true, holistic health and RELEASE the attachment to certain number on the scale

​You are seeking a sense of true BALANCE -which means responding to your body cues, hunger cues, fullness cues, fatigue cues, emotional cues...while honoring your soul AND the bigger picture of your real, unpredictable, human life

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Three Pillars of The Toolkit


Structured self-exploration to build an unshakable foundation for your wellbeing and create an unwavering sense of self-worth.


Distilled, tangible nutrition nuggets to help you give your body the nourishment and energy it needs to live your fullest life.


Tools to design specific, individualized, adaptable routines that keep you feeling whole, full, and alive through all the twists and turns of life!


Caitie Corradino


When I was in recovery from disordered eating and yo-yo dieting, I was afraid to create any sort of structure around anything that had to do with food, movement, or my body…because I thought I’d slide right back into the “all or nothing” mentality.

I was terrified to set foot in a fitness studio. I didn't want to batch cook or "meal prep." And every time I was choosing what to eat, I couldn't tell if my intuition was making the decision or if anxiety was making the decision.

I didn’t really know where to turn. It seemed like a lot of wellness leaders were still encouraging a restrictive and inflexible “lifestyle." Meanwhile, a lot of the anti-diet community was only talking about being “anti” that stuff, and not providing specific solutions for taking care of yourself without sliding back into a fear of weight gain (or a fear of pizza).

I really needed a space to focus about working out without exhausting my body, eating well without depriving my soul, and creating energizing routines that gave me MORE life (rather than interfering with my life). So, I created a toolkit to support you with this!

As a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga teacher, and mediation teacher, I'm excited to support you in feeling Whole, Full, and Alive without restriction, deprivation, or obsession.

Caitie Corradino sitting and smiling in a light blue denim jacket and black jeans
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What they say...

The format of this toolkit is so smart and supportive. I appreciate the way each module builds gradually upon the last and all weaves together to help me create a wellness plan that is actually going to support me.


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