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Nutrition & Intuition (Your Version)

This is a 1:1 retreat experience designed JUST FOR YOU. This will accelerate your healing like no other. Join me in Lisbon, Portugal for 4 nights, 5 days of nurturing adventure. I will create a personalized combination of coaching, yummy meals, and activities that will meet your unique goals.

Apply at the link below, or scroll down for more details.

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The Nutrition and Intuition retreat is about coming home to yourself.

Travel has a way of reminding you that anything is possible…

This retreat is a 4 night, 5 day experience, for those who are ready to release anxiety about food, exercise, and body size...and pursue true, holistic wellbeing.

You will walk out of this experience feeling nourished and confident...with a toolkit of holistic wellness practices that you can trust yourself to implement when you’re back home. You'll also walk out with an amazing crew of new, lifelong friends.

💸 intensive conscious PR coaching, getting you clear on your unique flavour of expertise so you can get visible where it matters and make a bigger impact (hello Forbes, Cosmopolitan and the NYT!)

🔥 1:1 tapping sessions to move through anything that stands in the way of you being seen and getting loud as a thought leader in your industry

🤸🏼‍♀️ daily movement practices - from yoga to surfing or whatever gets your blood pumping (the itinerary is custom made to suit your heart's desires!)

🏖 beach hangs, rooftop drinks, tram rides, sailing on the Tajo, wellness events and everything else Lisbon has to offer

🌈 a local guide & coach to hold space for your expansion & support your integration post-experience

⭐ a full month of text and email support from me post-experience to integrate your expansion, implement your learnings and support you and your team in taking your visibility to the next level

You’ll walk away with the post-holiday glow AND the momentum to get visible where it matters so you can be seen as a thought leader and impact millions of people with your mission.

Imagine harnessing the expansive magic of travel in your business!

The endless possibilities….
the freedom to express yourself authentically…
the confidence to follow your hearts desires… and to go BIG.

Combining the magic of travel, the healing powers of tapping and my conscious PR coaching, EXPAND is your fun and sexy ticket to upgrading not only your business and it’s visibility, but also your mindset and capacity to be seen in all your glory.


Every aspect of the retreat is intentionally designed for you to...

  • heal AND have fun

  • exercise AND rest

  • eat veggies AND eat dessert

  • feel like you're on an adventure AND feel cozy

  • make lifelong friendships AND have essential time to yourself

  • say YES when it feels good and say NO when ya need it

  • find TRUE BALNCE in your self-care

We'll work together to release food anxiety and embrace food as nourishment. We'll turn exercise into an enjoyable and energizing part of your day. We'll create a toolbox of practices that help you feel confident and comfortable in your body.

We'll practice self-care that guides you to TRUE HEALTH and happiness, and let go of obsessive thoughts about weight loss once and for all.

And perhaps the best part of all is that you will be part of a community.

Community heals. You are not alone in this life. Being surrounded by other humans who are seeing you, hearing you and understanding you is powerful. And we all need more experiences where we walk away with new friends, especially as adults. Come join a supportive squad for a once-in-a-lifetime, healing adventure.

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Caitie Wellness at DDC Greece Retreat Alyssa Renee Made-41.jpg

A day in the life while on retreat

You’ll wake up every morning to fresh coffee, beautiful views of the retreat center, a kitchen full of vibrant friends, and SPACE to just enjoy life while caring for your body. You'll be in a group fitness class where you can feel free to move...or to rest...and to create a new relationship with exercise that will last long after the retreat. You’ll be at a dinner table where you don’t have to fear that a convo about dieting, weight loss, or Ozempic will come up and throw you into a spiral. You'll be exploring a new city with a group of women who are excited to get to know you, and will celebrate you for exactly who you are.

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This Retreat Is For You If:

You're interested in health and wellness but keep finding yourself in black-or-white, all-or-nothing mindset with it

You know in your heart of hearts that you are surviving, but not thriving, and could feel SO much better about your body and food

You are looking to tap into beauty beyond your shape and size and experience a new kind of holistic wellness that feels really good

What's included in the retreat price:

  • Cozy accommodation

  • Transportation from the airport to the retreat center

  • 3 nourishing meals a day

  • Daily movement practices

  • Nutrition, body image, and self-confidence workshops

  • Access to coffee, tea, and snacks throughout the day

  • ALL additional activities and excursions (cooking class, hiking, trip to the city...)

  • 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Caitie during the retreat for personalized support

  • High quality photos of the retreat (so you can put your phone down)

  • Welcome gift

Payment options:

  • two payments of $1,750

  • 6 payments $584

  • 12 payments $292

Optional add-ons:

  • If you would like to have your own room on the retreat, you can upgrade for $1,000

  • You can add five 1:1 sessions with Caitie in the months leading up to the retreat for $1,000 (current clients : this is a discount on your normal session rate)

What my clients are saying

Caitie's ability to hold space for people is unparalleled. I've never worked with another counselor who is so fully present, spot-on attuned to my needs, and just so authentic. I've learned so much about nutrition, health, and healing my metabolism -- I've also learned so much about myself, my dreams, and what I need to not only be recovered from my eating disorder but also HAPPY.


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Caitie Corradino


Who I am:

Hi, I'm Caitie! I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, eating disorder recovery coach, body image expert, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and breathwork facilitator. Retreats have been such an integral part of my personal healing and growth, and I am so excited to create a community and retreat container that is informed by flexible, sustainable wellness.


What I do:

I combine nutrition counseling with movement and a powerful toolkit of somatic healing modalities to help women heal from binge eating, yo-yo dieting, food anxiety, eating disorders, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, GI issues, and more. I have been providing 1:1 and group counseling services at my practice, Full Soul Nutrition, for over 5 years. And I have been teaching group fitness and yoga for over 10 years. And now, I am SO ready to bring my method on a retreat! 


Fun Facts:

  • I am a full-time nomad! I’m currently parked in Lisbon, Portugal, where I have a digital nomad visa. I’ll be here for at least the next few months!

  • I am a genuinely extroverted person. I'm truly energized by connecting with people.

  • While I no longer dance "formally," I'm a forever dancer - I love taking dance classes, dance fitness classes, and multiple daily kitchen dance breaks 

  • A few of my favorite things are: coffee, sunrises, playlists for every mood, candles, Ted Lasso, truffle fries, dogs, bathtubs, my friends, the moon, journaling, and being a Scorpio

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