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Welcome to Nutrition & Intuition. This 3 month group will help you eat with ease, embrace your body, and live an aligned life!

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Group Coaching is for you if...

  • You're ready to access your intuition and discover what it truly means to eat, move, and live intuitively 

  • You're seeking a rock solid sense of self-trust that you can apply to nutrition and beyond​

  • You're ready to break free from the all or nothing mentality and find structure with your wellness (like meal prep, morning routines, and a workout plan) — WITHOUT going on a diet or depriving yourself of a delicious, spontaneous life

  • You're want to feel strong, energized, and confident in your body without fixating on numbers or weight loss

  • You're seeking self-care strategies that relieve stress and tension — WITHOUT spending excessive amounts of money or time​​

  • You're ready to break FREE from the hamster wheel of dieting, hustle culture, and "never enough" – WITHOUT ditching meaningful goal-setting​

  • You want to learn from and connect with others who are on the self-care/self-empowerment journey with you!


This is Nutrition & Intuition

Our 9-week LIVE group coaching program is an energizing and inspiring, yet grounding and peaceful,

container where you will learn about more than just nutrition...


We focus on nutrition AND body image

Nutrition AND nervous system regulation

Nutrition AND movement that feels good

Nutrition AND multilayered healing

Nutrition AND creating structure in your day 

Nutrition AND getting to know yourself

Nutrition AND getting to LIKE yourself

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  What's Included:  

Weekly Live Group Calls

Live group call via zoom with time for individualized Q & A, community, and meaningful group processing. This group will be capped at 10 participants so everyone has ample space to be supported.

Follow-Up Resources

Resources like written guides ("cheat sheets"), journal prompts, and videos will be created and customized specifically for the current group

Community Support

Access to group chat with other members and Caitie for between-session questions, vents, and support.

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What they say...

"It’s been so comforting to know I’m not alone and very inspiring to encounter such a vibrant community of honest and authentic folks who are also working through their healing journeys, have successfully navigated their paths in so many ways, and still embrace the cyclical nature of healing."


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What's the investment?

Investment in group coaching is $499/month for 3 months

Flexible payment plans are available.​

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